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my last dream

The furthest back I remember I started on a road trip with my mom and aunt in my mom's car heading east from here. I don't remember much of the trip itself but we ended up in Phoenix Arizona. Except I was now in a Jeep with some strangers. We drove around for a bit until halted by a parade going by. The parade was some sort mix of a gay pride and Cinco De Mayo parade. Very weird. After a while we got on the freeway and headed to the University of Arizona for a meeting with someone.

When we got to the University we wandered around to find the building we were supposed to be at. It turned out to be a building with a small footprint but very very tall. Around it was a deep but empty moat. The elevation of the land under the building was higher than our side of the moat so the bridge was also a stairway. One guy with me stepped on the first step and it collapsed under him. In fact it looked like the whole thing could fall down at any moment. The handrail though was made of steel so we ended up shimming ourselves over the moat. The doors to the building were arched, wooden and large. We knocked on the door and were greeted by a couple who looked like a bad version of Gomez and Morticia Addams. They welcomed us and led us to a huge room that looked exclusively furnished by IKEA. In the room were two teens dressed Goth to the nines. There was also a butler. The guy who looked like Gomez talked and talked but I sort of tuned him out looking around the room. Finally he apologized for keeping us and led us to the next room which turned out to be a shop.

The carpeting was blood red, the walls paneled with mahogany. Over half the space was dedicated to jewelry. Expensive jewelry at that. The other half of the store was basically a gift shop. T-shirts, caps, posters, fridge magnets, etc... After gaping awhile at the high prices we were led further into a short hallway where there were two elevators. We took one up to a high floor (I can't remember which though) and it turned out to be a hotel.

We went to the door just across the elevator which turned out to be a huge suite of rooms. There was a old guy in a suit waiting for us and he smiled, waiting for us to put our things down. He said the reason why we where there was because we were chosen to be the new cast of MTV's Real World. I remember laughing because I knew I was too old to be on it (25yr old age limit, bah!) The girls in the group jumped up and down screaming happy. At that point I recognized two of the guys. One was Abe from last year's Road Rules. The other was Jacquese from this year's cast in San Diego. For a bit of time we wandered around our new digs and then the girls left the rooms heading left down the hallway. I stood near one of the big windows looking out over a city lost in thought for a while. A voice over the intercom said the girls needed to return and would one of us go get them so I volunteered.

I stepped out and headed left to find them and almost immediate across the hallway this guy walked into the hall. Dressed in jeans, cowboy hat and boots, big-ass buckle and no shirt. He was buffed and had very short dark hair on his chest and stomach. In short, hot as hell. I sort of forgot what I was supposed to be doing for a while and just stared at him. (Yeah, I'm bad) But then I remembered and walked on. By then there were more guys in various stages of dress standing around talking to each other. I kept on walking, stealing glances every now and then, and came to a turn in hall to the right. I followed it for a while and saw three girls in PJs beating each other with pillows. As I got near them I saw a double door open and the sound of lots of girls.

I look in what seemed a ballroom filled with girls in PJs, robes, long t-shirts. Basically, a large slumber party. I knew somewhere in there were my girls. I waded through them like Rod Taylor did in the last scene in the movie the Birds. One wrong move and they'd realize I was there and attack. I finally did find my castmates who were filling out a test and told me I had to fill it out too. Most of it was multiple choice, except for the next to the last one which was an essay, and the last one which gave a description of a location and I had to draw what I pictured it to look like. I only started the last one when the girls dragged me with them back to our suite. When we got there I pulled a small table towards the window and tried to finish my drawing. By then the windows we fogging up, enough so I stopped and started drawing my picture on the window. Someone rang the doorbell and it turned out to be the guy were going to work for but he didn't say what were going to be doing.

He took us to the other elevator we didn't take going up more floors. When the elevator opened we could see we were in a hospital and the boss explained we were going to be orderlies. A few castmates "ewwww!" but I thought it was cool. The boss took us on a brief tour and when we got to the nurses station I saw someone looking like Cher sitting at a desk doing paperwork softly singing "Song for the lonely" to herself. I walked to up her and asked, "Are you Cher?" She gave me a wry smile and went back to work.

That's when I woke up having to go pee. :o)
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