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new CD and rain

Early morning Monday I ordered a CD from Paul Van Dyk's "Time Of Our Lives / Connected" featuring Vega 4. It had a projected delivery date bracket of sometime between Friday and Monday. Naturally, it came today. The package box though was twice the size it normally is for just one CD. When I opened it I first saw an advertisement for an Amazon Visa card. Mmm, I don't think so. Then came the invoice. Then two CDs bundled by a rubber band. Eh? One was the music CD I ordered; the other a blank case with a note inside saying that the case of the CD I ordered had a crack in it so they sent along a replacement for it. Honestly, if they hadn't told me about the tiny crack I wouldn't have noticed. I usually just rip the tracks to my computer then put the CD away. The funny thing is that the replacement CD case was broken. Specifically, the end opposite the hinge side. *shrugs* It's the thought that counts I suppose.

The day started out slightly overcast but still plenty of sunlight. By noon dark clouds where in sight to the northwest. By 3pm, it started raining. Squee!!! I guess my doing the raindance naked by the light of the full moon worked after all**. The rain only lasted a bit over two hours but it was a welcome sight, sound and smell. Hopefully we'll get more soon.

One more hour 'til Witch Hunter Robin, episode 2!

** Well of course I didn't do that! I just wanted to stick that mental image in your head. I'm cruel like that. ;o)
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