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jury duty, TV probs & coding

*sigh* I got a jury duty notice in the mail for April 12th. I really don't want to go, but then I never have. *shrugs* I'll go because it's the law (duh) and I figure if I ever end up on trial I'd want a good cross section of people in my jury. Plus, I'd rather serve during spring than during the summer scorching heat. Besides, if pattern holds true the district attorney will use his first peremptory challenge on me. It's happened three times in a row now. If that happens again I'm going to take it personally and say something.

One of the two video cable line-ins on my TV isn't working any longer. It goes completely blank or displays a few horizontal lines. Which means right now I have to swap cables between my VCR and DVD players. I'm going to have to take it back to Best Buy on Friday or Saturday since I've got the extended warrantee. While there I can spend the $10 gift card I found while cleaning my room. I'd completely forgotten I had it.

I coded three more I/O routines I had forgotten to do previously. I went ahead and added a float type then backtracked though the arithmetic operator code to handle the type including promoting results to float if one is involved with an integer. I also added a few float-specific functions but there's still a buttload (<- that's a scientific term) still to add.
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