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Let's recap this week, shall we?

Called the rental office on Memorial Day about the toilet and they sent over a plummer 2 hours later. Whoa! I never expected that so quickly on a holiday. :o)

I sorta put the Dragon Warrior clone on the back burner a bit so I could do other stuff like...

...I re-did the look of this journal. I'm not quite sure if I'll keep it like this or not. I can switch back to the previous style quickly if I want.

...I re-did the front pages of Bentboy Place. Ever since I got rid of the chat room, board, and poll pages it's looked kinda plain, so, I spiffied it up a bit.

...I'm supposed to meet with L today to go over the Program and I'm thinking of subtle ways of saying "I wanna chuck this annoying piece 'o crap into outer space."

For dinner I had 2 egg & cheese sandwiches, some BBQ chips and a handful of roasted peanuts. Let's hear it for healthy eating! :oP
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