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phone calls and program switches

I got a call from Jesse this afternoon when he was on a break from work. He wanted to know if I'd heard that new Siouxsie song. What?! Well, it's actually a Basement Jaxx song featuring Siouxsie. I downloaded it as soon as I hung up the phone. I love her voice. Of course, I wanted to know why he was listening to Basement Jaxx in the first place, though I know his BF Mike is a fan. Apparently, another song features former N'Stynk member JC Chasez, so, that was his interest. That song's not bad either. Still no word on whether Mike will get that job at Cornell University. Jesse said he probably won't hear anything about it until the end of the month.

Later I got a call from L wondering if I still had that lotto program I wrote for him last year. Apparently he can't find it. I still have it so he'll drop by Wednesday to pick up a copy.

About two weeks ago I made two switches in programs I use. I'm using Mozilla Firefox in place of Internet Explorer 6... when I can. I still have to use IE for Windows Updates and for certain embeded media. I disabled tab support though as I dislike the whole tab concept. The other change is using iTunes instead of Windows Media Player. I find it easier to organize files and update ID3 info, not to mention having better visual appeal. I do think though Media Player has better sound enhancer effects. One really annoying thing about iTunes though is it that when I start the program it tries to access/read my CD drive, which it, or any other program for that matter, should never do. Bad iTunes!
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