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deathknell of school activites

"No school district in this country has ever abolished its entire sports program. It's caused a firestorm," said school board President Charles Ramsey, who said he had voted reluctantly in favor of the cuts. "And it's not just sports. There will be no music, no forensics, no performing arts."

The school board approved the long list of cuts Monday night, voting to end sports programs at six high schools, close all libraries and eliminate music programs in the district's 39 elementary schools. No schools will have guidance counselors, and 20 elementary schools will have to share their principals.

"We didn't want to have to issue the death penalty, but we did," Ramsey said.

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*dropped jaw* Band is what made school tolerable for me. Giving me a chance to go places I wouldn't and meet other kids who I'd normally not be friends with. I can't imagine what I would have done if it were taken away from me. I know this though... some school board members would soon be missing their kneecaps. But then I'm a vindictive bitch.
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