Due to a few serial adders with offensive names & icons listing me as their friend, I'm now hiding my Friend Of list. *looks for a pointy stick to poke some eyes out*
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Hey there studdd...or studdette (depending on your mood for the evening)...as long as you don't delete me...then the world is OK.

Hugs Vince!!!
Oddness. *Looks at her name and icon* I'm modest, please don't delete me! *Glomps* I wub yous!!!

Yes, I am in a Drama Queen mood. Moo.
sure wasnt me who complained. i find your journal interesting.
But people need better lives.

*goes to smite the offence names an icons!*

It's not the serial adders that bother me. It's the teenyboppers that add me and then wander off to ujournal or pitas or something. :P