thank you uncle

When I replaced my waterbed with a normal matress I didn't get a headboard for it. My waterbed one had bookshelves and I wanted to see if I could possibly use that, maybe just adding legs to it. When my uncle retired he set up a woodworking shop in the garage and has been doing projects ever since. A week ago he said he would make a new headboard with bookshelves for me. Yesterday he delivered it. Behold:

new bookcase headboard

Besides finally giving me space back for books I had from the previous headboard (which I've kept stacked on top of my dresser), I've also got space back to put my lamp, phone and tissues, all of which I had crammed onto a wooden TV tray placed in the corner by the bed.
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that's really good! There'd be a market for that y'know. I would buy one!
He's got a looooong list of things to build for my aunt and his daughter, and, eventually replace all the kitchen cabinets in his house. He's already replaced the cabinetry in both bathrooms (and completely redid one of the bathrooms, including the tiled floor.) What is it with retired men and taking up woodworking? His friend two houses down did the same when he retired but he only makes smaller, simpler things.
Enjoy it while it lasts. When our generation retires, we're just going to knock up irrelevant websites, for something to do :o)