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I'm not dead, I just smell like it ;o)

Nothing much of interest to post lately. I guess I'm just in a funk. It happens. *shrugs*

I changed the way I had structures being used in the interpreter. The way it used to be:

Declaring a structure: type structure_type {membertype membername[, ...]}
Declaring an instance: struct struct_type variable_name
Casting a structure constant: somevariable[3]=struct(struct_type,struct_constant)

I knew they should be simpler, so, they've been changed to (respective in order):

struct structure_type {membertype membername[, ...]}
struct_type variable_name

There would be much sadness at the impending end to the Witch Hunter Robin series if it weren't for the fact it's being run again starting April 1st. Yay!

Everyone needs to check out the pictures that justthere has been posting of herself. She's not just beautiful, she's bee-YOOT-i-ful!
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