rosemary bush, uploading and a gun-totin' Repub.

The guys from lawn maintenance come every Tuesday, usually between 1pm to 3pm. They have never touched anything I have planted in the area where a few hedges died "mysteriously" *cough*killedtheroots*cough* Today, however, when I went outside to get the mail I noticed someone lopped off 2' of height from my 3' tall rosemary bush. When next Tuesday comes around I'll going to have words with certain people. Or just drop anvils on them from the roof. That depends on whether I'll be in an Animaniacs mood or not.

I've got 14 Elastica songs for sharing via WinMX and damn if one guy didn't download all of them, which with my dial-up connection took only forever and a day and a half.

In other news, a man is caught trying to board a plane with a Glock pistol in his bag but isn't arrested. Why not? Could it be because he's a Republican Congressman? If it were you or me I think we'd be in a jail cell postquick.
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In jail and being poked with sticks.

"So what were you doing with the gun, Kristen--or should I say, Mokie al-Mokie?