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NFL draft, my sis, and the interpreter

Today and yesterday were primarily devoted to the NFL draft. In years past, I viewed the draft as an opportunity to see who'd help us (49ers) get to the Superbowl. This year, however, I'm instead envisioning who'll help us, hopefully, get to 0.500. I've lost faith in the team, well, not so much that the team is failing the fans as so much as the management and the owner (an ass by the name of John York) that seem hellbent on killing the team by jettisoning talent left and right. That includes QB Garcia, WR Owens, CB Webster and RB Garrison Hearst in this offseason. I'm still unhappy about the choice of Erickson as coach last year. He's a good college coach but that's it.

I called my sister this morning to see if my dad and step-mother had already come and gone. They're still there, getting there on Thursday and will probably leave the coming mid-week. My step-mother isn't feeling well though. My sis opines she picked-up a bug while in Illinois visiting family before getting there in Georgia.

Found out the reason and and or weren't working right was because I didn't code them. Which is odd because I distinctly remember writing about the two, clearing up what types of variable they'd work for. Anyway, I took the opportunity to completely rewrite how expressions are handled. Now there's 5 recursive function levels to handle it all based on operator precedence. Next up was rewriting code on how variables are stored and I started it but realized I was going to have to take into account include files. And for the same reason I'll have to do the same for loop control storage. Lots of rewriting to do.
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