Took a quick trip to WalMart this morning. While there I picked up some lemon thyme and rosemary to plant outside. The rosemary because I'm still in shock over my truncated one. Plus, I love the scent of rosemary. The thyme because I've yet to get it to grow outside and last more than a few months. I'm going to keep trying until I succeed. I also picked up Forces of Nature out of the DVD bargain bin. Yeah, it's not Oscar-quality (then again, I think most Oscar movies suck) but it does have Ben Affleck in it, and ya'll know I'm a slave to him... eh... nevermind what I was going to say next. I try to keep this a family-safe journal. ;o)

Later today will be dinner down my aunt's and uncle's house. It'll be sort of a mini-Thanksgiving dinner with ham and a small turkey.
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