phone line probs

I've been pretty much Net-less for the last 36 hours. It started last Friday when I tried to log on and was told by AOL that there was no dial tone. Sure enough, I picked up the phone and was met with dead silence. A few hours later everything was back to normal. Well, this Friday the same happened except it also went dead around 10pm as well. When I woke up on Saturday things appeared fine but by 1pm my mom, who was playing an online game, told me she got booted offline. I checked the phone and this time instead of silence there was a loud static-y noise coming out of the phone. It just now went back to normal. My mom ran into a woman who lives nearby and she said she had the same problem last week. My cousin and a friend of the family said it happened to them but for them it was just a brief problem. The friend said he heard a message said there were technical difficulties but I haven't heard anything of the sort. I swear, I was going through severe withdrawals today. I'd see something on TV that looked interesting and I immediately tried to go online to get more details only to be greeted by the static. Here's hoping things stabilize soon.
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Re: SNiP
I work for a US phone company, sounds like there is some kind of outage happening or on the brink of happening in your area.
One thing you can try doing is the isolation test, what you have to do is unplug all phones, computers, fax machines etc. from the jacks and wait a few minutes so it can refresh in the switching and service boards then you can try to plug them back in one at a time testing for dialtone as you go. That COULD helpand also may not. especially sinc others in your area are having the same problem. I would suggest that you call the phone company and ask them to looking it, but say that it is intermite(sp??) and not happening all the time. it might help stop a major outage where you are without phone service for a good long time.
Re: SNiP
Hmm, one of the first things I did was to unplug all the outlets but nothing changed. That friend of the family I mentioned did call the phone company (because we no longer have a local office) and got a recording stating there were some technical difficulties but that was it. So far everything seems ot be working fine again... but then that's how it was between Friday and the Friday before, so, who knows? *shrugs and sighs*