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phone line probs

I've been pretty much Net-less for the last 36 hours. It started last Friday when I tried to log on and was told by AOL that there was no dial tone. Sure enough, I picked up the phone and was met with dead silence. A few hours later everything was back to normal. Well, this Friday the same happened except it also went dead around 10pm as well. When I woke up on Saturday things appeared fine but by 1pm my mom, who was playing an online game, told me she got booted offline. I checked the phone and this time instead of silence there was a loud static-y noise coming out of the phone. It just now went back to normal. My mom ran into a woman who lives nearby and she said she had the same problem last week. My cousin and a friend of the family said it happened to them but for them it was just a brief problem. The friend said he heard a message said there were technical difficulties but I haven't heard anything of the sort. I swear, I was going through severe withdrawals today. I'd see something on TV that looked interesting and I immediately tried to go online to get more details only to be greeted by the static. Here's hoping things stabilize soon.
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