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new neighbor, a collect call, and the Sims

On Monday the doorbell rang and it turned out to be an old(er) Hispanic man with silver hair and a weathered face. He introduced himself as my future neighbor. Huh? Meaning he was going to move into #1 sometime next month. Mmmkay. He talked and talked but really, he didn't seem to be the talkative type but rather someone who was lonely. *sigh* Great. Hopefully, that was just a wrong impression on my part. Anyway, he said goodbye and eventually got into a green truck with a camper shell and then drove off. Me being me, I forgot his name within 10 minutes.

On Thursday I got a collect call from a Henderson Prison. It asked if I wanted to accept the call but I hadn't a clue who'd call me, plus it didn't say who the caller was. So, I declined the call. For some reason I assumed Henderson meant Henderson, Nevada but checking the State Prison website I didn't find a facility there. I did find one though in Henderson, North Carolina which baffled me. I spend the rest of the day puzzling who there would call me.

I think I'm finally fully back into playing the Sims. Otherwise, why in the hell did I download 30MB of objects and skins today?
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