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being a klutz and findHo

Once again I was a forgetful klutz today. I had opened the bottom desk drawer to get a USB cord out and being busy I forgot to completely close it, so, when I got up to get a drink of water I slammed my barefoot toes into the drawer. Now, it wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't put off cutting my toenails. The nail of my big toe was a bit sharp on the edges and cut into the surrounding flesh. That did hurt. Muchly. me=stupid

Is there any ex-FCer who fondly misses using this until the wee hours in the morning? I didn't think so. :o)
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You swine.. you have no idea how long it took me persuading people to finally make that! All of the internal FC tools look like that, it was very much a no frills operation.

I am amused the example is the boozers pubs page, nice to see my little influences on random pages... pity that in it's entirety, unless the counters are stuffed again, it's only ever had 48 visitors! I'm suuure it's a counter problem ;o)
cool. i remember that :)

i probably would have spent a lot more time using it til the wee hours of the morning too, if certain people (coughgizzardcough) hadn't had to fire me ;)
Ugh I don't miss that place at all, though I do miss the old newbies board when it was rocking along.