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a conversation with my sis

My mom and sister have been playing phone tag try to resolve getting tickets for my mom's trip to visit my sis in Georgia. Just as the new season of Big Brother started (they were walking into the house) my sis calls but my mom is out. As what usually happens we get into a "discussion", this time though not politic or religion. It started off about parents making expectations of the children and in that pursuit encouragement into life goals and education. A subject we both felt we didn't get. Then we got into a disagreement about parental responsibility and who's too blame when things don't quite work out. One might expect that me being the liberal would put more blame on the parents and my sis being the conservative put more blame on the child (that whole "personal responsibility" that they preach), but, it was the other way around. This in turn, because of the subject matter, turned into a discussion of our childhood and about our father. What he did right, or tried to, and what he did wrong (drinking, mostly) and where that leaves him today. She was a bit surprised that I thought dad did put effort into having a typical father-son relationship. The problem was though that all of his interests (fishing, hunting, playing ball) were of absolute no interest to me. At least not at that point in my life. Neither my sis or I bring these subjects up to beat up on my dad or complain about a terrible childhood (which it wasn't) but rather to see the problems and make sure we - ok, she - doesn't make the same mistakes in raising my nephew, which thankfully isn't the case at all. I'm still waiting to see what the teenage years will bring though. ;o)
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