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Jessica Alba, of Dark Angel fame, has been signed to play Sue Storm in the film adaption of the Fantastic Four.

Jessica Simpson has been inked to play the small role of Dazzler in the upcoming X3 movie.

Nicolas Cage will be playing the role of Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider.

Talks are still in the works for Tom Cruise to play the part of Tony Stark in the movie adaption of Iron Man.
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I don't see it
Jessica Alba as Sue Storm. She is to exotic looking for a white bread character as Sue Storm.
Blecch, that trend needs to be put down. Hard. With a stick.
I sure hope
I hope an Iron Man movie finally gets made. I remember reading in the back of some magazine every month what comic movies were in the works, and Iron Man was always listed, but never materialized.. I forget the name of the mag. THis was a million years ago.


Go Movies! What's a dark angel?