unsecure but prettier

Several years ago all the windows facing the "outside" of this apartment complex had bars put on them. The bars for the bedrooms had a latch to open them in case of a fire. Well, the insurance company has decided all of the bars should have a latch on them, so, for now all bars without a latch were removed today until equipment is bought to convert them. For this apartment that means the kitchen, dining area and bathroom are unbarred for now. After all this time it's strange to be able to look outside unfettered.
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Not familiar with Siouxsie and the Banshees...I should check them out. Enjoy the views from the windows again!
Honestly, I never wanted the windows barred in the first place and would be quite happy never to see them again. :o/

Siouxsie and the Banshees started out in the late 70's and were defined as "punk" at the time until the term "goth" started going around and that appellation stuck to them. The 3 core members broke up in the mid-90's but 2 of them, Siouxsie and Budgie, got married and formed the band The Creatures.

My sister had turned me on to them in the mid-80s back in my high school days. The CD that this song is from, Peepshow, is my favorite non-compilation album of theirs. It was also the first piece of music I bought when I moved here to Barstow and my very first CD.
Bared? oh my, is crime THAT bad there?
Re: SNiP
I don't know about DesertWolf's neighborhood but in general Barstow is pretty safe crimwise. You get out in the outlying areas and it can be the wild west all over again.