would you like to take a survey?

I spent almost 45 minutes taking a telephone survey on Californian politics this afternoon. Sounds long but I like taking them.
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Would you pledge lifelong allegiance to Governor Schwarzenegger if required to renew your lease?

Do you think a poll tax for Democrats is a good idea?

Should the mayor of San Francisco be jailed for issuing licenses for same-sex marriages?
No. I'd rather live in a tent.

No. In fact, I think voting should be compulsory for all adults.

No. Heck, if he wasn't straight and married I'd go after him. Hubba hubba! :o)

For the most part the survey asked questions about what issues should have priority now, rating the top State officials, and what issues I felt would be important 20 years from now. But then it went off on a tangent it seemed regarding Steve Westly, the Democrat State Controller. That's when I realized this was floater put out by him to test the waters for a run for the Governorship. But that didn't bother me because, like I said before, I like taking surveys.