I would have freaked

Watching The Village: no problem
Eating fajitas afterward: big problem

Just last week I went to take a shower, pulled back the curtain and saw a roach there staring back at me. Years ago I would have freaked out and ran around screaming like a girl scaredy-cat and then returned a half-hour later maybe, hoping the bug would have left on its own. Usually it didn't so I'd get the Raid and drown the bug with half the can from three feet away.

No longer.

Oh, I still have that initial "OMFG!!!" reaction but I immediately head for a fly-swatter, return, and squish the fucking crap out of the offending bug. Go me. :o)
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Unless* it's a butterfly or a ladybug, all bugs=bad.

*I'm tempted to add firefly to the list of ok bugs but I've never actually seen one so I'll defer for now.