bits from last night's dream

Finding an abandoned baby and getting temporary custody of him.

Waking up in a hospital and was told by a nurse, who looked like she was an East German weightlifter on steroids (wait, that was redundant, wasn't it?), that it was "enema time!"

Tracking down a serial killer and finding him working as a checkout clerk at a Mervyn's.

Going to the theater and while watching a movie there was a commotion. A middle-aged man was discovered in the back row dead with an arrow through his heart.
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A fresh start narrowly grabbed and tenuously held; cleaning house (or maybe feeling helpless?); finding threats in supposedly harmless places; and fear that the threat may be out of sight but is still there (behind you and in the dark--and then the point is symbolically driven home!)?
Concidering how odd/weird my dreams usually are I've abandoned all attempts to analyze them lest I have a mental breakdown over the implications. ;o)