rain, hail and stupid me

The day started off humid but sunny. By afternoon it started to rain, then pour, then hail for a while. The weather returned to rain for a bit longer then stopped. The hail wasn't extreme, like the size of a baseball or anything, but it was something unusual to see around here and fun to watch.

Hail falling

Hail bouning off the ground

Gail gathering on the ground

The while I was outside under the breezeway watching the weather turn I completely forgot that my bedroom window was open. By the time I returned to the room I saw the drapes sodden and flapping in the wind with drops of water flying everywhere. Water on my TV (which was off), speakers, desk, keyboard, lamp. Not to mention a big puddle of water on the window sill. Ack! *sigh* I raced for some paper towels and cleaned everything up.
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Here we just have a wee bit (OK a lot) of humidity and some rain, but not enough to cool us down.
Hail is fun!
Long time no see sir... and that fault is no ones but my OWN! Somewhere along the way I deleted my friends list .. a long time ago, and started it over. Some of the people with whom I enjoyed chatting on LJ got dropped and I couldn't remember the names off the top of my head. So I started from scratch. It wasn't until today that I finally found an old text file I had with usernames, so .. here I am.

Hope you can forgive a stupid guy for clicking the wrong buttons : )

As for the hail. Hail is cool as long as it does not do a lot of damage !

It's like fat rain :)

See you soon! :)