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today's events and new DVDs

I had planned to sleep in late, unfortunately, I didn't count on a guy ringing my doorbell asking if I was the one who had ordered a new fridge. Nope, not me. It was for #2 in the adjacent quadplex. I watched through the window as the two guys wheeled the new fridge in and the old one out. Not long after a blue car pulled up and the guy driving tried to park with the curve of the street but ended up going over the curb.

I couldn't fall asleep again so turned on the 'puter trying to work on a different journal style when I hear a large vehicle pull up: a paramedic truck. Three guys exited and went over to the adjacent quadplex as well. They weren't in a rush, so it didn't seem like an emergency. A young couple and a child came out from somewhere within onto the front lawn area looking back inside every once in the while. Then the paramedic guys came out and talked a bit amongst themselves, went back inside, came back out and left. I probably would have focused back on my computer sooner if it weren't for the fact that two of three guys were very hot. ;o)

Later in the day I picked up three DVDs while at WalMart: Kill Bill Vol. 2, Hellboy, and The Fifth Element. I normally don't care much for Bruce Willis but I do in this role.
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