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kjaz had posed a question a few days ago asking what things we collect. I hadn't answered thinking I didn't collect any thing (I used to collect comics though as a teen) but then I thought, "well, I kind of do collect something: unfinished projects." I've got lots of projects (programs) I've started but have never finished. Projects I ought to just delete from the hard drive because I know I'm not going to ever finish them but I can't bring myself to do that. It's that whole packrat thing. There are a few though I do want to complete eventually...

Dragon Warrior (old Nintendo game) clone - 15% complete

So far what I have completed is the graphics, some of the maps and the navigation. The character can roam around the overmap, taking damage when crossing swamps. When he's moved over a town glyph he enters town mode where he can wander about as well. There's stationary and moving NPCs in town but they don't function in any way, other than wandering around.

MyMahjonggWin - 98% complete

This is a Windows version of my MyMahjongg DOS game I wrote back in '98 (that can still be found on this page.) It's pretty much done except for two items:

* View tiles played screen. It's just a matter of how I want the screen to look like. I've been indecisive about this for a long time.
* Tile highlight color. Allowing the user to change it to something else. The screen background color can be changed with no problem but I've been getting random errors when trying to change the highlight color. It's just a matter of tracking the bug down.

unnamed interpreter - 70% complete

This one is functional as-is, but then it always has been functional. The question has been does it have all the features I wanted? What's missing now that I want:

* Include files. Everything has to be in the same file right now. Getting included files requires a shift in the way all the various stacks are stored internally plus dealing with namespace issues.
* Classes. I thought just having structures was good enough but I really missing having classes to work with. The question facing me is deciding how complex they should be, and more importantly, how complex am I able to create with my sketchy know-how.
* More built-in functions. This is only a problem in deciding what should be built-in versus what should be external in include files -- assuming of course I get include files working.

Caesar/Pharaoh/Zeus/Emperor-ish type game - 5% complete

So far what I have is:

* An editable map, though it's using a DOS text screen with colored characters representing buildings and characters for now.
* Houses. There's only one type for now (no housing evolution yet) with a set population of 5 inhabitants. As time goes by its damage and fire levels increase. If the levels go past a set limit the house is reduced to rubble. The number of inhabitants are removed from the labor pool amount.
* 3 service buildings: Firehouse, Architect and Water Supply. Each of these on creation spawns a labor walker. The walkers wander around roads looking for houses and when one is found the labor pool is checked to see if enough labor is available for the building. If so, the required workers is subtracted from the labor pool and the type of walker particular to that building (Fireman, Engineer, Water carrier) is spawned for a set amount of time. The Fireman and Engineer reduce the amount for fire and damage level for buildings. The Water carrier increases the amount of fresh water available for houses but that isn't being used yet.
* Next on the agenda was food production and markets but before that I have to get the logic for destination-type walkers first. How to get from Point 1 on a map to Point 2 navigating the roads. Plus I need to allow some kind of road blocks.
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