I've tried not to either but I caved in on "The Return of the King". I really wanted to wait for the extended version but then I found out how long I'd have to wait -- and I couldn't. I am weak. *hangs head*
Well.. To be more accurate.. about the only thing that makes *me* pissy is releasing "Special Editions".. when they're the *ONLY* editions. LOL.

I don't mind it when they release a trilogy or a duology in seperate versions first, and then a box-set later. I'm always smart enough to realize that there *will* be a box set, and I just wait for it, and bypass the single movies.

I'd like to see more movies with cast commentary.. but I do understand that that would mean actors have to put a *lot* more time into movie projects, which the may or may not have.
I love cast commentaries. I usually listen/watch to that first before I even watch the movie itself.

Take Resident Evil for instance. I liked the movie but the commentary is equally good if not better. Maybe though that's because it's only about 30% commentary and 70% banter between two of the stars, the director and producer.
For the most part, I'm okay with the different versions, under the different things for different folks theory.

My nephew has the plain LOTR films, and it keeps the family from getting into my extended edition DVDs. Theirs were cheaper and they're not interested in all the bells and whistles. And I'd be all for multiple releases of the Star Wars trilogy--the current boxed set is the spruced up version Lucas released a couple of years ago, which might be right up the kiddies' alley but I want the films I grew up with.

The fuckedupedness is making folks think the bells-and-whistle version just released is the bells-and-whistle version, then dropping a super duper extended whatever six months down the line. That's just evil.
Meh, I wanted everything! Put it in, now, all of it, in one version!

Seriously, there's a special corner in Hell for the guy who thought up the idea for several editions of DVDs. He'll be sitting next to the guys who came up with the ideas for panty hose and pay toilets.