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"Never read a book through merely because you have begun it." - John Witherspoon

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The same here. It comes down to two different situations.

The first being books that are just hard to get into. For me I see it as a challenge to get through a book. The whole "I'm not going to let a book get the better of me!" line of thought. Stupid as that is. :o/

Second are the books that just suck. I should just stop reading it once I realize the extent of its suckytude but somehow I'm convinced that "it'll get better, I know it will!" Of course, it doesn't.
If I could live by that, I'd save so much time.

But...I just can't do it! Even if the book is really, really bad...
And why I'm still reading the DragonLance Chronicles, though I long to lock Hickman and Weiss in a room with rabid squirrels one day.

Didn't like LOTR, eh? :)