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My top two favorite Sims skins for while now have been Colin Farrel and Angelina Jolie.

I'd love to molest the real Colin. And I have a feeling Angelina too if I were straight.
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I LOVE me some Collin......have LOVED him in everything I've seen him in.....and better in NOTHING! (Wicked Evil Grin!)....he was PHENOMINAL in PHONEBOOTH!!!!
"and better in NOTHING!"

Agreed! I'm hoping Colin gets his way and has his nude shot put back into A Home at the End of the World in the DVD release.
mercy....horomones raging as always I see!!!!

I'd definitely have to kick Brian out of bed to get some fun time in with Colin.
"horomones raging as always I see!!!!"

This coming from the H.O.G.? LOL

Hey, why kick B. out when you could have both of them at the same time?
Ha! There was a time not too long ago Angelina would have loved this kind of idea. But ever since she had adopted her kid she's lost a lot of her ginger, understandably.

Besides, for a 3-way I'm thinking more about Farrell and Julian McMahon. *daydreams and swoons*