bare-faced and browser update

I completely shaved off my beard and mustache this morning. I feel positively naked and cold. ;o)

I had taken a few shots directly at my face holding the camera from arms-length away but those came out... scary. I probably won't shave it all off again for another year or two. My skin was severely broken-out under the beard. I'm not sure if that's due the process of shaving or if it was like that beforehand.

Just upgraded my Firefox browser to 1.0PR. There's just one slight visual difference: the height of the button bar has shrunk a bit, but that's a good thing. The downside is two of my four installed extensions (EditCSS & MozEx) don't work with this version. I don't mind the latter being out of commission as I didn't use it much, but, I used the former a lot when making and testing journal styles.
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I love the look...but then again I'm not into hairy men. You're
a bare cutie!

You don't look too bad. I have been thinking of doing the same thing but I have cultivated the long hair historian image and I think it would be too drastic a change. If I get the job with the park service I might clean up a bit.
Good luck with living without it - I couldn't ;)

(But I still periodically shave it off to see if i recognise the face in the mirror)

WoW! There you are! :oD

You look much younger with out it ( 18 rather than the normal 21 ofcourse).. in general I aint keen on beards, but I've grown rather fond of yours, it suits you! I am kinda surprised how good you look without it tho, you are clearly ambi-faced..with or without...:oD