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From Electric Bugaloo:

"So. When I'm like, at a restaurant or fast food place, when I order, I always ask. "Can I please have..." whatever. I dunno, it just seems more... polite. It's not demanding. And any time I ask for something, like a refill, or steak sauce, or whatever, I always say "please". And, of course, there's always "thank you"s for everything, too. That's how I was taught to be - polite and respectful.

And you know what? I've actually been ridiculed for this. Some acquaintances of mine (this was a while back) would make fun of me. When I'd ask "Can I have...", they'd yell out "No!". Apparently, I should have been saying "GIMME THIS," or "GIMME THAT." But I'm just not like that. I dunno, that's like, getting close to "rude" for me. I mean, sure, it's the person's job to take your order, but it's not their job to take your attitude, yanno?"

I don't recall using "please" or "thank you" at home when I was young but we always used it at a restaurant or store. It's not hard to do. It seems to me more and more people lately have become extremely rude when dealing with staff. I've been tempted more than once to use the tray my food came with to brain the head of an inconsiderate idiot at the next table. But then that might seem rude. ;o)

and via Glovebox Sandwiches

"And, the top 10 things you should ALWAYS say or do to a waitress/hostess:

1. Tip generously. 15% is nice, but tip over 20% and you will be remembered. Tip over 30% and you will be my #1 customer next time you come in. Tip over 50% and I will dedicate a section of the restaurant to you, and I'll even take your order topless when you return. Okay, maybe not.

2. Pre-bus your table as you eat, and before you leave. If you spill food all over the table, please try to wipe it up a little. And if you could stack your plates and just make things slightly organized, you would make my night a thousand times easier..."

Pre-bussing I do, for exactly that reason. It's easy to do and it makes someone else's job/life a bit easier. The bit about tipping though... I've always thought 15% was standard. It comes a bit of a shock that some think it should be more. Not as shocking as the thought of mandatory tipping in some towns/municipalities. I think that should be outlawed.
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