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time for a update

Props to Jena for letting me know that there was a downloadable version of Bejeweled from

I've re-thought the whole making of the Dragon Warrior clone. I've got the original so there's no need to bust my hump over that. I could go beyond that a make something akin to the Exile series of games... but that means making my own maps, towns, dungeons and trap. Lots of work for something I just wanted to do on a lark. So, it officially goes into the pile of stuff I've started but have never finished.

Uploaded the latest gallery at BBP this morning. I've been toying with a color and layout change for it. I'm thinking of going with a white background and using blue and gold as the main colors. In fact I'm about 80% sure I'll switch to it. All I really need is some kind of image to put in the top-right corner of the site. Uploading the new HTML pages will be a pain but creating them won't be -- I've written a program in Euphoria to generate the pages for me. :o)
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