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medical update, sort of, part 2 of 3

While surfing around the website for the County I noticed there was available confidential and free testing for HIV and STDs at the local Health Department on Thursdays between 2PM-4PM. So I figured, "why not?" and went on 18th. I had walked there and talked to the girl at the front desk. She asked what I wanted to get tested for, and honestly, I was only thinking of HIV but decided to go for the works. So I filled out the form, took a number and sat to wait.

I waited an hour until I was called by an older latina woman who asked me some questions from a form and asked if I had given a urine sample yet. I said no, so she told me to go ahead and sit back down. Maybe 20 minutes later a black woman, who turned out to be really nice, called me into a room where she said she needed to ask me some "personal" questions that might make me uncomfortable. I laughed and told her it was no big deal and ask away. She did and she somewhat paused when she asked if my last partner was a woman. I know I grinned when I said that it was a man. She smiled and went on to other questions. Then asked about my urine sample. I blinked and said "what urine sample?" She sighed and said the other woman marked that I had already given one. She shook her head and then prepared to get a blood sample from me which she did and then gave me a cup for a urine sample and shooed me off to the bathroom. I returned, gave her the sample and we talked a bit. She mentioned to me that the County was doing quite a bit of hiring if I needed a job, jobs with benefits. It turns out long ago she used to work with mainframe computers before she got tired of it and went into the health field. Later when I got home I went online to check the jobs but there was nothing I was qualified for. Oh well. :o/

As for the test results, usually we can pick them up on the following Thursday, but since this week is Thanksgiving I'll have to wait until the next one, December the 2nd.
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