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applying for jobs and getting a scan

Previously, my cousin who works at the Marine Corps Logistics Base, outside of town here, mentioned there was going to be a spurt of hiring soon. Then in the local paper there was an announcement that positions were opening and people could take their resumes and apply. But this is to take place in Hesperia about 35-40 miles away. *head scratch* Why way over there and not here in Barstow? Anyway, my cousin was going to help me with my resume when she told me of a way to do it online at the Navy website itself, and, search for and apply for jobs online. Why go all that way, wait in line when you could do it electronically? So, she helped me to the site, created an account, and showed me the screens of info I needed to fill out. Then she showed me how to refine the search for jobs for here locally and how to submit my application(s). Almost all the jobs open are only for temp or term, not permanent ones. The day I was going to submit some applications, my cousin called me to let me know a perm position opened up. I applied for that one and five others. Will I get one of them? Maybe, maybe not. But it's worth trying.

I got a letter today from the ARMC saying an appointment for my CT scan has been made for the 22nd. I want this done with already. Knowing there's a lump in my neck but not knowing what it is is nerve wrecking. The doc's instinct was this being a cyst but there no way she could be sure without the scan. Me being a worry wort that I am, I've been imagining all kinds of things, including cancer. *sigh* The 22nd can't come soon enough.
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