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meme-age (blame the_phred!)

my desk area

A - The CPU unit. Atop is a desk lamp with the shade twisted upward used like a torchiere. The blue cup thingy was a candle holder I now use as a mini-trashcan. My headphones are saddled around the cup. Below it is a stack of post-it type papers.

B - My monitor with a plush reindeer on top. Yes, those are two books under the monitor. They put the monitor at a comfortable height for me.

C - My wireless mouse and ever-present bottle of water.

D - The CD rack below has games on the left and music on the right (including art's HoLiDaZe CDs). A few decorations on top plus the modem and wireless mouse sensor.

E - A shelf of knick-knacks decorated seasonally.

F - On the bottom is my old stereo from the 80s complete with 8 track player. On top of that is my 25-CD carousel player.

G - More CDs.

H - My aquarium that's been sitting fishless for over two years. Yes, there's water in it. I've been topping it off. That's my alarm clock siting on top of the hood.

I - This is a stack of books I'd been meaning to donate to the Friends of the Library store, but I keep forgetting. They've been sitting there for over a year now.
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