diet time, part MCXIII

I'd been doing well on the diet + walking thing but slipped off the wagon about the second week of December. I stopped walking pretty much altogether and starting eating some of my comfort foods again with the excuse of it being "The Holidays." *rolls eyes* Yeah, right. I briefly flirted with 235lbs. but now am back to 241. I know what needs to be done but I'm finding it very hard to get back into the groove especially with all the wet weather outside.
  • Current Music: Emma Bunton - "Free Me [Remix]"
I bought Emma's CD for $1.99 today! Good luck with the exercise and good eating habits!
I hadn't even heard of the song until I saw this write up of it, and a link to the video, at ArjanWrites.com. Loved it!
I'll have to check out the link. I heard Emma's latest on Launch. When I went to the used CD store, I was surprised to find an almost new copy for so cheap!

I've been impressed with Minnie Driver's CD...check it ou!

Yeah, I've thrown Matt's diet out the window...

I buy chips for me he eats them. I buy snacks for me he eats them. This week I spent $20 on potato chips because I figure that way I might actually get to eat some.

It's hard to stick on a diet... It's also hard to live with someone on a diet, when all I like to do is cook. ;)

When I was more serious about the diet a big part of it was keeping stuff like chips and cookies out of the apartment. If they're not here they can't tempt me. But that went out the window with the holidays. Plus I was eating a lot of veggies for dinner. I haven't been doing that lately either. I know what needs to be done but am finding myself making stupid excuses not to do them.
I think maybe I'm settling. From my high of last year of 283lbs, going down to 235 meant I lost 48 pounds. I sort of levelled off, got comfortable there and regressed. Part of the problem is motivation. Back in November I just had to remember being in the emergency room and not wanting to go back. But unfortunately, I tend to forget about serious things (put them out of my mind completely) very quickly which is usually an asset but not in this case.

I missed the first two espisodes of the Biggest Loser but watched the rest of them including tonight's. I was turned off at first by the voting off of team members because I felt that any show that purports to be about developing healthly lifestyles ditching people because of team politics was very, very bad. But then I figured they knew what they were getting into, so... *shrug*