mystery smoke, food, & Runway

About a month ago I smelled smoke in my bedroom. It was like someone was smoking right next to me. It seemed to be coming by my computer so I checked all cords, removed the cover of my machine and looked for anything that might be causing it, but nada. Since then I've smelled smoke in other parts of the apartment and it's always in a small spot, maybe in a two-foot radius. In the living room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. My mom hadn't smelled anything until last week when she was in front of the front closet. I've looked everywhere, checked all plugs, felt walls thinking maybe there was a short somewhere. Nothing. I'm starting to think maybe I've got a ghost who smokes.

I made tuna casserole for dinner. Don't roll your eyes. I love the stuff. I'll take that or meatloaf over Chilean sea bass or any other fou-fou dish. Yesterday was what we call potato soup. It's basically just potatoes, ground beef, onion & garlic, tomato sauce and water. Simple, easy, but good. There's a pot roast in the crockpot right now for tomorrow.

Enjoyed tonight's Project Runway. Sorry to see Robert got booted over Wendy but at least we got to see him naked tonight... well, from the backside but hey, I'll take it. ;o)
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Does anyone live above/below you who smokes? That happened to me in my old place. =O I'd get an occasional woft.


Matt doesn't, so I don't cook it. Yum. Maybe I'll get the stuff to make it this weekend. =D Yum.
There's nobody above or below. We're only directly connected to one other apartment and I'm not sure if they smoke or not.

Phhbbt! Even if Matty-poo doesn't like the casserole you could still make some for yourself and Cordy.
I LOVE Tuna Noodle Caserole!!!! - MY FAV!!!!!
I'm thinking it was one of the production crew who defaced the photo. I doubt any of the designers left would be mean enough... well... maybe Jay. I doubt any of the models would care enough about her one way or the other to do that.

It's just odd. I'll be walking to somewhere in the apartment and hit a smoke spot. I'll pause to try to sniff out he source but no dice. Very frustrating.