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grumpy old man

That's me btw. Late last week I was home on my computer and I heard children playing outside in the cul-de-sac. I didn't pay them much attention until I heard a few voices close by, with a girl's saying "help me higher!" I sighed. I looked out. Sure enough, there was a girl climbing the tree just outside my window with two boys below her trying to push her up. I went to my window, which was open, and said "get out of the tree!" The girl's head whipped around and told me she wasn't going to climb high. I told it didn't matter, she needed to stay out of the tree. She said she'd be careful but I said she could fall and from a legal perspective she needed to stay out of the tree. Indignantly she declared she wasn't going to fall. I told her it doesn't matter what she thinks and it wasn't my decision but rather the apartment owner. Which is true btw, but it's also true I want those little shits out of my tree. :oD So they left but came back 5 minutes later to ring my doorbell and then run away. Followed a few minutes later by two of the kids who rang the bell again and took off. How juvenile! ;o)
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