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Due to a completely uninteresting life I haven't made any posts lately -- rather than bore ya'll to death. :o)

That being said... I spent 15 minutes yesterday watching a ladybug crawl all over one of our asparagus ferns. I tried snapping a photo of it but the wind was blowing the stems around too much to get a clear picture. Did I mention I <3 ladybugs? Used to have tons of them at my dad's house when the backyard was mostly field.

I'm (im)patiently waiting for the entire 26-episode "Fruits Basket" anime to download. That's 4.6GB worth of files. I still need two eps of "Hellsing" and the last one of "Witch Hunter Robin" to complete their respective series. All of these are fansubbed, not dubbed. A certain vampyrichamsterhamster o' death has converted me into a fansub snob.
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I'm not quite sleepy yet. Maybe in 2-3 hours I'll head to bed. In the meantime I'm just downloading and surfing.
I'm in the process of putting up my website and I **might** be calling for a little help!!!
Subs are the way to go -- though I do have to admit most of my snobbery comes from when dubs were so poor they were laughable. These days there are good dub actors (Witch Hunter Robin had a few of my favorites, actually, even if I didn't particularly like the show) who work with regularity on shows. But the subs still rule. There's a level of inflection you miss otherwise.
I second this. I grew up on awful dubs in Malaysian, and you must hear what they do to anime in truly atrocious squeaky voices to just fear them. Alternatively, you could pick up random Japanese hentai dubbed, and fear that instead. ;)

Seriously, there is a level of inflection that's missed. Often too, dubs smother the little sound effects that make the watch interesting. I do believe Rurouni Kenshin had an issue where the English dubs canceled out his footsteps, for example. Small detail for some, but it's like watching vintage Batman without the *POW* blasted on screen. That, and dubs still have a way of making annoying characters ever more annoying. Especially when characters are supposed to be small squeaky magic plushies, or something.
I agree, I agree. And what is it with hentai, anyways? These days the big trend is to get porn stars to do the dubbing voices. Er, these people weren't exactly picked for their acting ability to begin with.


Dubbing directors -- even these days, with good dubs, still make strange choices as well. The worst 'good dub, bad decision' I can think of is in Cowboy Bebop - mid-way through Faye Valentine makes a very cryptic response to someone ("I'm older than I look") which is actually very important as things go on. In the dub? I she sort of blandly brushes off the question in a way that is at best vague. Misses the point entirely.
Count on the Japanese to have specialist porn seiyuu to do the job. *nods* I still have to go hunt down that very earliest porno anime of all, not the one with the tentacle rape, gah, the other one. With the underageds. Um. Lemon something. For research. :P

I get extra sulky about dubs when plots get censored between languages. Cardcaptor Sakura had so much subtext for a "kid's" anime it was adult without the naked bits. The English version threw out the one child engagement and all the implied gay male relations. Both had plot implications, and further makes Cardcaptor what it is. Which is still not kid's anime, unless you're Japanese.

I need, I really need, to pick up Cowboy Bebop. Like, before the earth smashes into the sun.
Cardcaptor was a frightening joke. They did a similar thing with Escaflowne in the States, too. Infuriated me.

As far as Cowboy Bebop goes - still one of my favorites. Most depressing ending ever, save for possibly Berserk. But the writing in it is insane.
My life was not complete until Bebop. Seriously, the dialogue is easily up there with some of the sharpest I can think of, like the HBO series Six Feet Under, Deadwood...even Sports Night from long ago. It's just far superior to any other I've seen.

But I like the dub best. I tried listening to the original version, but Spike is not Spike to me without Steven Blum voicing him.
I say 'should' here, knowing it's a little silly, but you should watch the dub then, with subtitles on. The dub is better than most (and I do like the voice actors) -- but the direction of the dub isn't great, they change things that don't need to be changed, and divert in little ways from the story. I think it detracts from the overall experience.

I think in a way, though, it depends on which one you were introduced to first.
Undoubtedly, though there are exceptions. I was thoroughly unimpressed by the dub on Witch Hunter Robin, and so the subtitled version is my favorite. But, who knows.

Mostly I think I'm just in love Steven Blum's voice.
It's not a bad voice to fall in love with. :)

The dub for Fruits Basket is probably even superior to the sub, dare I say. It's just...shockingly good all around.

I can't think of other exceptions off the top of my head, but they're definitely there.
"There's a level of inflection you miss otherwise."

That's precisely why I prefer subs to dubs.

"even if I didn't particularly like the show"

*gasps* *points* Heathen! ;o)
I shall have it soon! Oh yes, my pretty! I shall have it sooooooon!! *cackles*


*blink* Where in the hell did that come from? *blink*
Actually, I have a rip of the English dub shown on the Cartoon Network but I want sub (damnit.)
Off topic.
Am doing my "mates page" and wanna know if you have a webpage on the go at the moment? :)
Re: Off topic.
Ah, I wondered if you were maintaining the fc one anymore cos it makes my IE crash before I get to it these days... and I didnt have another site bookmarked for you. I have to admit I dont really want to link my website to LJ in anyway ( I dont want it to be easy for people to track my LJ down from my site you know?) So erm...I might just link to your wishlist for a bit :) Thankyou.