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lack of posts

Due to a completely uninteresting life I haven't made any posts lately -- rather than bore ya'll to death. :o)

That being said... I spent 15 minutes yesterday watching a ladybug crawl all over one of our asparagus ferns. I tried snapping a photo of it but the wind was blowing the stems around too much to get a clear picture. Did I mention I <3 ladybugs? Used to have tons of them at my dad's house when the backyard was mostly field.

I'm (im)patiently waiting for the entire 26-episode "Fruits Basket" anime to download. That's 4.6GB worth of files. I still need two eps of "Hellsing" and the last one of "Witch Hunter Robin" to complete their respective series. All of these are fansubbed, not dubbed. A certain vampyrichamsterhamster o' death has converted me into a fansub snob.
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I say 'should' here, knowing it's a little silly, but you should watch the dub then, with subtitles on. The dub is better than most (and I do like the voice actors) -- but the direction of the dub isn't great, they change things that don't need to be changed, and divert in little ways from the story. I think it detracts from the overall experience.

I think in a way, though, it depends on which one you were introduced to first.
Undoubtedly, though there are exceptions. I was thoroughly unimpressed by the dub on Witch Hunter Robin, and so the subtitled version is my favorite. But, who knows.

Mostly I think I'm just in love Steven Blum's voice.
It's not a bad voice to fall in love with. :)

The dub for Fruits Basket is probably even superior to the sub, dare I say. It's just...shockingly good all around.

I can't think of other exceptions off the top of my head, but they're definitely there.