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family visit and anime

One of my mom's cousins and her bf are stopping by here in Barstow today on their way to Kentucky. They'll be spending the night at my aunt's house. My mom's cousin is crazy cool with interesting stories and comments -- even if she's a hot weather wimp. She came for a visit a few years ago at the start of summer and was dying of the heat and vowed not to come again at that time of the year. Honestly, it wasn't really hot but then I suppose I'm used to it now.

So, "Appleseed 2004" I liked visually. The plot was "eh" but then plots aren't that important to me (neither are song lyrics for that matter.) The fan subtitles were bad though. It turned out to be an English translation of the Chinese subtitles. There were just enough misspellings, grammar errors and odd idiom uses to make me cringe every now and again. Contrast that with "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence" that I watched this morning. It was good on all three parts (visual, plot and subtitles.) Both movies made use of cell animation + CGI which I hope is the norm now for anime movies.
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