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for the first time this year

I had to turn on the swamp cooler. When I woke up from a nap this afternoon I felt hot. Padding over a bit to the thermometer I saw it read 88°F/31.1°C then walked two feet more to the phone and dialed the local time/temp service. 97°F/36.1° outside. After considering for all of two second I turned on the cooler.

Luckily, it had just been serviced a few days ago. By serviced I mean the cover was taken off, pads replaced, water hooked up and lines checked, and power turned on. The reason a cover is put on off-season is to keep the dust out -- supposedly. *shakes head* That worked like crap. The handyman up on the roof warned me he was turning it on to test it, did that, and then the apartment filled with dust. It looked like a foggy day in San Francisco inside, so, I bolted outside while it all settled.
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