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recent anime viewings

First up was the movie "Laputa: Castle in the Sky", an enjoyable old (1986) anime. It's a story about a boy miner, Pazu, who catches a girl, Sheeta, who floated down from the sky. Both have some kind of connection to Laputa, a legendary floating island, and go off in search for answers. But a group of pirates (for treasure) and the government (for powerful weapons) are after Laputa too. [Full synopsis and screencaps]

Caught the first ep of "Mahou Sensei Negima" which is about a class of middle school girls that ends up being taught by a 10 year old prodigy, who secretly just happens to be a wizard. It's hard to tell anything by this first ep since it was just a meet-and-greet type so I'll check out a few more.

"Ah! My Goddess OVA" was next. It's about a college student who mis-dials when ordering take-out and ends up talking to and meeting a Goddess who'll grant him one wish. Thinking it a joke, he wishes for her to stay forever with him for as long as he needs her. He gets his wish. ^_^ I enjoyed all 5 eps but it was too short, only about 30 minutes per ep. There was so much more that could have been done if there was more time. I may have to track down the movie and some of the manga.
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