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First up was the movie "Laputa: Castle in the Sky", an enjoyable old (1986) anime. It's a story about a boy miner, Pazu, who catches a girl, Sheeta, who floated down from the sky. Both have some kind of connection to Laputa, a legendary floating island, and go off in search for answers. But a group of pirates (for treasure) and the government (for powerful weapons) are after Laputa too. [Full synopsis and screencaps]

Caught the first ep of "Mahou Sensei Negima" which is about a class of middle school girls that ends up being taught by a 10 year old prodigy, who secretly just happens to be a wizard. It's hard to tell anything by this first ep since it was just a meet-and-greet type so I'll check out a few more.

"Ah! My Goddess OVA" was next. It's about a college student who mis-dials when ordering take-out and ends up talking to and meeting a Goddess who'll grant him one wish. Thinking it a joke, he wishes for her to stay forever with him for as long as he needs her. He gets his wish. ^_^ I enjoyed all 5 eps but it was too short, only about 30 minutes per ep. There was so much more that could have been done if there was more time. I may have to track down the movie and some of the manga.
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"Mahou Sensei Negima" is kinda creepy as it goes on, mainly because of the main character's age. But evil ferret comes into it! Evil weasel and library club keeps me watching. :)

"Ah! My Goddess" is actually a huuuuuuuge franchise--manga, the OVA, the movie, a series of shorts ("Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses"), and currently a TV show (on the 18th ep now)...
When I heard it was about a classroom of jr. high girls I wondered if the Cabbit had seen it already. *slaps hand at the implied remark about Mark* ;o) Once I saw the weasel, while not a ferret, made me wonder if da Mokie had already taken a interest in it.

*nods about "Ah! My Goddess"* I've read fanboy gushes and critisism about the current TV show. I still plan to check out some of all of that.
Not a ferret, but ferretty enough. If only the rest of the show weren't so pervaciously creepy. I think I've mentioned it to Mark before--not enough blowing things up with giant catgirl robots for him, or something like that. ;)

As a warning, "Ah My Goddess" TV series is licensed (er, like the rest of it, probably), so you might have to get creative in your hunting. ;) How do you find stuff, by the by?
Mostly I get them from BoxTorrents.com, but the first ep. of "Mahou Sensei Negima" was from isohunt.com. I still haven't gotten any more of the latter since I'm still waiting for the 26 eps of "Samurai Champloo" to download (glacially slow I might add.)
You might try Animesuki (doesn't do licensed stuff) and/or Baka-Updates (gleefully ignores licensing issues, but you have to register) for new releases. But yay, another Boxtorrents user! :)
*jots down new sites* Danke!

Thanks be to the great Hampire vampyrichamsterAfi for prodding me into torrents. Anime, pr0n and appz are now all gotten via torrents now. Only music do I still get (well, mostly) via traditional P2P.
All hail the Hamster! All hail the torrents! Torrent fta--er...no, wrong call...