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anime and teeth

I hadn't downloaded any anime in quite a while but last week I dived into the Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 2nd GIG series. The first 23 eps were Laughing Man fansubs, good subs btw, but those are all that he's done so far. I found 24-26 by someone else but the subs really suck. Yeah, I get the plot but some of the details seemed confusing so I'll have to wait for a better translation. The series though I enjoyed thoroughly including finding out the Major's origin. I liked the intro and ending songs enough to acquire their full versions.

Currently I'm waiting for the Steamboy torrent to finish. I've heard very good things about this film.

Had my appointment with the dentist yesterday taking a panoramic x-ray to see how that spot where that tooth was pulled was healing up. On that everything was good but then he found two cavities, took more x-rays and showed me the spots. *sigh* He also wanted a cleaning done soon. I paid the receptionist after which she wanted to schedule the cleaning for today but I dithered "uhhh, another time please?" So the cleaning will be on the 8th of Sept. and the fillings a week later.
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