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health update

Harken back two weeks...

Went to the dentist expecting all the fillings to be done at once but since they were in different quadrants of the mouth he only did one that day with the next on Oct 5th. It was quick and everyone in the office was in chipper moods. Almost too chipper. o.O

Later that day I headed to the clinic/docs for refills of my meds and to talk about the shampoo that wasn't working. What shampoo you ask? (As if I didn't know I haven't mentioned this before.) Last year I started to get patchy sections of skin at various body locations, sometimes they looked like sores. The woman physician I had talked to about it last November gave me this shampoo to use (ketoconazole) twice a week and needed to be used a while for it to start taking effect. But it never did and the spots kept getting worse. So this doctor asked me a bunch a questions then looked at the affected areas and proclaimed: psoriasis. There isn't a cure for it, just treatments. For me, I'm now on a steroid. *looks around for bigger muscles and rage episodes* Meh.

Back to the meds. I explained to the doc which medication I've been taking and for how long. He asked when was the last time I had blood work done and I blinked, then replied not since my hospital stay, so, he had me come back the next morning where a nice tech took blood and kept me talking jovially. She said they'd call when the results were in.

Flash forward to today...

Today was my appointment at ARMC about that hard mass (cyst) in my neck. The drive there was quick and surprising light in traffic. But the parking lot was full. We drove around for about 30 minutes looking for an opening. We weren't the only ones. Many cars like us were stalking people coming out the of Center like vultures circling a wounded rabbit. But just before I absolutely had to get into the Center we got a spot. I checked into the outpatient center on the 2nd floor (there's one on the first floor too) and waited almost an hour when my name was called. The nurse took me to a room, asked a few questions then said wait for the doc.

Him: early 30s, dusky skin, spiky hair, trimmed goatee. Really nice and patient. Alas, he wore a wedding ring. ^_^ He had to wait a while to get a hold of my CT scan pics from back in December and after looking at them he mentioned the mass was spheroid like a balloon just above the thyroid and close to the vocal chords. In fact, he wanted to take a look at my chords which I thought ok, until I realized that meant sticking a light scope up my nose and down my throat. Gah! So he sprayed this decongestion/anaesthetic up my nostrils, let that take effect and then fed the scope in and looked down my throat. He kept having me say "EEEEEEEEEEEE" which I thought was a bit odd but did it anyway. He said everything looked ok. Then he wanted to get a sample of the fluid in the mass.... um, say what? In went a syringe into my neck and the mass and out came a chocolaty-colored substance. He said it looked like the mass was thyroid connected but how much so and what to do he couldn't say until this stuff and the blood work (which I had to give later) were analyzed. But a biopsy and surgery were likely. Then he ventured out it may be possible they'll have to remove a part of the thyroid, and in a worse case, remove it all together. But that's a hypothetical conjecture and dependant on the test results, and, what may show up in the surgery itself. He was just mentioning possibilities, which I appreciated. So, he scheduled me back on the 14th of Oct. to go over the results and then decide what to do from there. Then he sent me off to the blood lab so the vampyresses techs could get a sample.

When I got home there was a message on the machine from the clinic office saying my results from them are in so tomorrow I'll go and see what they have to say.
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