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it's who you knew

In case you haven't heard or noticed LJ allows you to list the schools you've attended; the info is displayed on your userinfo page just after the interests list. None of my schools were listed at first -- heck, my birth town wasn't listed at all. So, I added my high school and both colleges to the list.

Now, I expected only to see 16-20 year olds adding themselves because, well, that's LJ's demographic. But interestingly one guy who added himself was in the same year grade as me. Though I really didn't know him, I'm pretty sure we had met before through some mutual friends. There's another guy who listed himself who was a year younger than me. I didn't recognized him via his usericon so I broke out my senior year yearbook and found him... and he looks vaguely familiar. I'm curious to see if anyone I really knew lists themselves.
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