it's who you knew

In case you haven't heard or noticed LJ allows you to list the schools you've attended; the info is displayed on your userinfo page just after the interests list. None of my schools were listed at first -- heck, my birth town wasn't listed at all. So, I added my high school and both colleges to the list.

Now, I expected only to see 16-20 year olds adding themselves because, well, that's LJ's demographic. But interestingly one guy who added himself was in the same year grade as me. Though I really didn't know him, I'm pretty sure we had met before through some mutual friends. There's another guy who listed himself who was a year younger than me. I didn't recognized him via his usericon so I broke out my senior year yearbook and found him... and he looks vaguely familiar. I'm curious to see if anyone I really knew lists themselves.
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PS I tried adding my elementary school, I guess LJ management wasn't amused.
There's a backlogue of 30 000 schools to be added to the list (including the two of mine I entered) - that may be the issue.
You are right, I now have my elementary school listed.

I think I'll quit while I'm ahead, especially as I have no memory of nursery school!
Yeah, I was kinda puzzled with that feature? Not sure it's something I want to do.

Hope all is well for you.

Both my high school and university have two different listings, one thanks to a snobby listing (Metro vs. Metro Classical something or other) and the other thanks to St. Louis' weird 'county' system (Webster U. in St. Louis vs. Webster U. in Webster Groves).

I'm tempted to make listings for my elementary and middle schools, but the apathy, it burrrrrrrns...
Here's someone else you might know. I went to Barstow between 1990-1993.
You still live there :) I've been gone for so long I've almost forgotten the heat.