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yes, I get them

Extended warrantees I'm talking about. Yeah, I know just about everyone thinks they're useless but I've always gotten them for things over $100 and it's a good thing too because I've had to use them for everything except my digital camera -- so far. On Sunday I noticed my computer wasn't recognizing that I had a disk in my DVDRom drive. I tried different types of disks: games, music, movies but nada. So then I wondered if it was something wrong with the hardware or the software. After searching around a bit on Tuesday I found a disk I burned earlier this year with a live CD of Knoppix on it. (It's a Linux distribution that runs off the CD, no need to install it.) After booting and loading I noticed, like Windows, that it showed the drive there but when trying to read it, again like Windows, it tells me nothing is there. Ok, it's hardware.

The warrantee I got was for in home service so I called the number listed and after going through some tests (which I had already done on my own) with the guy from the call center (who from his accent I'm supposing is from India) he says the drive needs to be replaced. He ordered the part which will be sent to a local tech (estimated date: the 20th) who'll then call me to set up a time to come over and install the drive. He then tells me I should back up my hard drive, just in case, before the tech comes over. Umm, I have a 200GB drive with 79GB free... that's a lot of backing up to do... until I remembered I have my and my mom's machine networked, so, I can just shove everything into my share folder and copy it over to her 120GB drive, which is pretty much empty.
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