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they hacked my tree

It started a month ago when I heard the sound of chainsaws in the morning. The front tree in the adjacent quadplex was being cut back, next doing the back tree the following day which was a Friday. The following Monday they started on the back tree at my quadplex but only just a bit and then left until two weeks ago when they finally finished it but then disappeared again until yesterday. I saw two guys out my window pointing at parts of my tree. One guy left and the remaining one did all the cutting by his lonesome. Get this, after he had started cutting he left in his car to do something (I don't know what) and while he was only gone for about 10 minutes he left all his equiptment sitting there on the sidewalk. Including the chainsaw! Just sitting there. Talk about a lawsuit waiting to happen! Anyway, he got back and then he'd cut for a while then stop for a longer while and repeated that until he finished after 5pm. Some other guys came by to chop up the hacked-off limbs but left and came back today around 8am. They didn't finish until after 2pm. I don't know where the management found these guys but they had to be amateurs.

tree before
the tree before
tree after
the tree after
on the sidewalk
his stuff on the sidewalk
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