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From Game Year in Review: 2010

...2010 was also the year that the world got tired of Katamari Damacy. Katamari 6: Now You Can Roll Up a Total of 1,024 Types of Sushi came out, along with the usual glut of Katamari clones, including Roll Things Up, Let's Roll, Mario Rolls Stuff Up in a Big Ball and Star Wars: Adhesive Death Star. A spokesman for the gaming press made this announcement: "Dear game developers: We are so sorry. When we praised Katamari Damacy for bringing a zephyr of originality into the moribund miasma of sequels and me-too clones, we didn't know what we were unleashing. Never again will we praise a quirky, low-cost game full of whimsy and joy. Please stop. We beg of you." In related news, Tommy Lee Jones has been tapped to play the King of All Cosmos in the movie.
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