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Called this morning to schedule my pre-op appointment. I got transferred a few times but in the end it did me no good because the paperwork hadn't been processed yet. A nice lady told me to call back after 2pm and gave me a direct number to use. 2:20pm rolls around and I call the number I was given which turned out to be the number for the geriatrics desk. *shakes head* Finally got in touch with the right people and learned my appointment is for Thursday at 1pm.

The garage door cable has snarled again but I'm not going to fix it. I'm going to let the maintenance guy do that. Quite frankly, I don't care if I can't close it. It's a certain neighbor of mine who's the one that has a hissyfit. Too bad for him.

My favorite gay movie/music/porn torrent site was hacked by a disgruntled member. I was reseeding something at time but this didn't affect that. Still, if this guy were a gal I'd wish him a really nasty, super-yeast infection.
Tags: garage door, health, torrents
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