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so I had my surgery on Monday...

I had my pre-op appointment last Thursday. Basically, it was just Q&A with a nurse and anesthesiologist and then questions on family background. When the nurse checked my vitals my blood pressure was high (well, duh) and told me if it was like that the morning of the surgery they wouldn't go through with it. Needless to say, for the next three days I was paranoid about everything disturbing my pressure. I didn't sleep at all the night before surgery.

Got to ARMC on Monday an hour early for the 9am procedure. I wasn't called until after 10am and was taken back to pre-op where I had to undress and put on a gown that wouldn't close and have an IV put in. Ya'll remember just how much I love needles. *shudder* To the right of me behind a curtain I could hear my neighbor talking. Turned out he was a convict handcuffed by his leg to the gurney. He was born in '42, called all the women "lady" instead of "ma'am", and was in for hemorrhoid surgery. He had a guard over him who looked at least 5 years older than him.

While waiting, one of the interns from my previous appointment, Rene, came by to poke my neck and question me a bit. Then the anesthesiologist came by to assess the size of my throat for the breathing tube and then gave me a shotglass full of a clear sour substance to drink. He was rather funny and put me at ease. Finally, they wheeled me away to an OR then had me shift to an operating table. The anesthesiologist came over with the gas mask and told me the gas would smell very much like plastic. He put it over my face and after inhaling a few times...

...I woke up in the recovery room. My throat (the inside, not the outside) felt like crap from the breathing tube. I was woozy but able enough to get dressed. I expected to have a big bandage on my neck but there was something else there: a drain wrapped in a cloth collar. Um, eww. My mom was called in to see me. The attending nurse asked my mom a few questions only to find out:

1. No one told my mom I was out of surgery or how things went.
2. She needed to pick up my pain meds from the Center's pharmacy

The nurse was not amused by this. She called the pharmacy and made sure the meds were ready, then told my mom to head directly to pharmacy window #6. I was wheeled out to the car and got into it just fine but as soon as the car started I got nauseous. I didn't vomit but I had to close my eyes all the way home. I slept off and on.

I got home and wanted to sleep but had a had time finding a position that didn't hurt. The front on my neck was sore and the drain collar rubbed against when I tossed and turned. It also rubbed when I swallowed and because of I that I didn't eat anything other than those Ensure nutritional shakes. I had a return visit two days later on Wednesday to disconnect the drain and then put gauze over the wound. This was done by two interns: (third-time) Rene and Mark. I got an odd feeling that Mark might be "family" but then my gaydar has never been good so... *shrug* I go back next Wednesday for a follow up and to pull the stitches out.

So, back at home I picked up a short mild fever and then a cold. The coughing has been fun but there's nothing more pleasing than a 250MPH sneeze that triggers pain from a recent neck wound.
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