Obama is an idiot

So, Democrats were happy with Obama being elected Senator in Illinois back in '04. I've heard mentioning of him as a possible top ticket choice for the party after the 2008 race. After reading  this  those who did the mentioning better be joking. I disagree strongly with everything he said in the article. If this man ever gets to be a presidential or VP nominee I'll change parties. Hell, I'll start my own party. I won't be a member of a party actively trying to get evangelicals into the fold, period.
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Hmmm... You may have been reading something different than what I got out of that. It seemed to me that he was talking about true-believers rather than the pseudo-religious bent on hate. I have no bark with most true believers, they generally don't try to force their beliefs on people. Convincing me that Falwell or Robertson were true believers rather than power hungry con artists in the "God Game" would take a miracle, but it seemed to me that he held a similar opinion about those carnival freaks.
You're proving the Republican point that Democrats are hostile to people of faith! I hate to break it to you but the majority of Americans are people of faith and so long as our party continues to alienate them, the Republicans will win. We can include them and enlist their support in the social justice issues that appeal to Christians or we can exclude them and continue to let the Republicans run this country down the drain. Bill Clinton is a man of faith, Jimmy Carter is a man of faith, and JFK was a man of faith. So we can get comfortable with this and win or be smug in the satisfaction of being intellectually superior and lose. I'd rather win and get this country back on track.
Please do leave the party....
Start your own! It's folks like you, more interested in strategy than substance who are the deadweight of true progressivism. You're not interested in consensus, in compromise, only polemic and scoring meaningless points. Obama is reaching out, not to the gun-totin', Falwell loving quasi-Christian morons whose views are ridiculously incoherent and inconsistent, he's instead talking to those folks who have actually read the Bible and believe in it and its amazingly progressive message. Since this IS a country of faith, whether you want to face it or not, this is a dialogue we must have. While you're content to sit in your basement and hack out diatribe on a computer, some of us believe that there is real work to do and we better start building a broad coalition to get it done.

You're the idiot. The speech is terrific.
Power of Faith, don't you mean the "Power of conditioned hatred"
Obama is wrong in his perception. The Democrats do acknowledge the power of faith in the lives of the American people. But, the problem is that the Republican faithful have left love and understanding at the church steps. Their attitude is if you are not like me, then you are a heathen and must be destroyed at all cost. If they had their way, they would reinstate the Spanish Inquisition. Are these the kind of faithful we want to be associated with?
Anonymous at 5:37 perfectly illustrates your problem, people. The vast majority of Republicans - even religiously conservative Republicans such as myself - are not motivated by hate, nor do we leave compassion and tolerance at the door. Your stereotyping and demonizing of conservatives - especially religious conservatives - only serves to stereotype you.

I voted for Carter. I despised Nixon and Reagan. (At the time, anyway. I've since changed my mind about Reagan's contribution.) I voted for Clinton. I worked on Paul Wellstone's campaign.

And more recently, on Bush's. And I will campaign hard for GOP candidates - even though I may have to hold my nose in the voting booth - until the Democratic party sheds two things: Its suicidal ostrich attitude toward the threat of radical jihadism, and its virulent antipathy toward Christians.

Because a party with those attitudes is not only unable to govern this great nation, it is unworthy to do so.
Anonymous at 6:19 perfectly illustrates the problem with the Republican faithful. Notice there was no virulent antipathy towards Christians as a group, only towards a devious sect. But, anonymous at 6:19 chose to lump it all together as to imply only Christians are Republicans.
I believe your thinking reflects too much the mindset of the religious conservatives you criticize. Obama's speech rises above today's political rhetoric precisely because it ignores the close-minded viewpoints of the far left and the far right. It is masterfully written. Please read it again--in its entirety.
Obama an idiot?
You're a racist.
Re: Obama an idiot?
Holy shit! Where did he bring up Obama's race again? Is "evangelicals" the new slang for African-American?

And here I thought that referred to Christian fundamentalists intent on converting all who crossed their path and turning this into a 'country of faith' (which would be awkward, what with all that separation of Church and State stuff written into the Constitution).

Now, I admit I did not hear Obama's speech myself, but that article certainly made me a tad nervous. When I hear a politician say, "Secularists are wrong when they ask believers to leave their religion at the door before entering the public square," I worry that what they're really saying is, "I vote as my God wants me to vote, regardless of the law, the Constitution, or my godless heathen constituents."

But maybe I'm jaded. With all of these evangelicals playing politics and blurring the line between personal beliefs and public legislation, it's hard to believe that a politician can bring their faith into the public square without using it as a hammer against those among the American public who don't share those beliefs...
bridge the gap
There are a growing number of christians who are very dissatisfied with the monopoly that the religious right (extremists who only give simple answers to complex questions - AIDS, Gay rights, etc.) has on Christianity. As someone who grew up in such an atmosphere but has since rejected much of that shit, I see Obama as someone who is trying to bridge the gap to my constituancy.
Compromise is something we must have in a functioning democracy - and the unwillingness to compromise is exactly what puts me off from the right as well as the left.
All these "Anonymous" posts
It takes real courage to attack when there is no identifying information in your post. I see exactly three posts that identify themselves. I disagree with Vince this time, but he is still my friend.(Besides, I believe that it's possible that I'm wrong, I just don't think it's likely.)
As for the cowardly bottomfeeder that called him a racist, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! You are obviously a knee jerk reactionary who doesn't know V, but can bravely post an unidentified attack.
No, you are the idiot
The Democrats need more people of faith. They need people who set the example that Democrats respect their life choices, and more importantly, an alternative to the pseudo-religious hatred that's powering the Republicans. There are people of faith out there who only have limited information, and they think that the Republicans are the only ones who accept and acknowledge people of faith, and that the Democrats are hostile to them. Democrats desperately need people like Obama who is an example of the peaceful, accepting, left-wing lifestyle that is the truth behind Christianity. If he gives people who have been voting Republican because everything Democrat has been demonizing them, then he's doing the Democrats, and America, a huge favour!